City University President’s International Scholarship

City University President’s International Scholarship

This scholarship is designed as a recognition of the growing cost of studying at university. As such, the President’s International scholars will be awarded the scholarship as a discount in the fee amount due in the first year of their study. The student must be self-funded in order to qualify.*

The successful scholars will also be expected to be ambassadors for the City community. This will include representing the University at events, both on and off campus, contributing towards societies and supporting broader community engagement initiatives.

For students starting in 2022, there are thirty of these generous scholarships available.

*You may be considered to be a selffunded student if you are:

  • funding your own studies
  • getting financial help from family or friends
  • receiving financial assistance direct from an external funder (excluding financial support from a government agency).

Registration and deadline

The process for applying for the President’s International Scholarship has four stages:

Stage 1

All students who submitted applications by the 6th January 2022 (and have not been subsequently unsuccessful) will be contacted with details of how they can apply for this Scholarship. All applications should take place online and no applications will be considered outside of the advertised timeframe.

At stage 1 students will have to:

  • Demonstrate you are expected to achieve academic grades above the conditions of your offer
  • Provide a written statement detailing how you are hoping to make a contribution to the wider City community. This statement should be no more than 500 words; but it should demonstrate research into the wider City initiatives and any evidence of previous community engagement or leadership

Students will have until the 19th May 2022 to submit an application for the Scholarship.

Stage 2

Students who are successful will be informed by the 20th June 2022 to confirm whether that they are proceeding to stage 2 of the application. This long-listing will be made by a panel of senior staff within the International Recruitment Team and every applicant will be scored and ranked for the relevancy and quality of their submission.

Students who are successful in reaching stage 2 will only proceed to stage 3, if they select City as their ‘firm’ choice and are due to enrol with us in September 2022.

Stage 3

Following the 9th June UCAS deadline, we will reduce the long-list down to 30 scholars through further assessment. This may include applicants being asked to do take part in an online interview or discussion.

This information will support the final short-list of applicants, with the ultimate decision on this taken by the University’s Scholarships Committee.

Stage 4

Only if students meet the conditions of their offer will they be awarded the scholarship. We will revert to the waiting list, should we have any available scholarship capacity after the 26th August 2022.

All students who have progressed to stage 4 will be written to by the 31st August 2022 to confirm if they have been awarded the scholarship.

Applicants should follow the admissions Appeals and Complaints Policy should they wish to follow up on any decisions made as part of this scholarship application process.

Value of the scholarship
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