Engineering scholarship at City University

Engineering scholarship at City University

If you are an outstanding UK student applying for an Engineering course in the School of Maths, Computer Science and Engineering, you may be eligible for this scholarship.

The School is committed to providing financial support to high-calibre UK students on Engineering courses through the generous scholarship scheme.

Scholarships will be offered to well-qualified UK applicants wishing to take up a place on any of the below courses in September 2022. The scholarships, each valued at £2,000, are intended to assist students to pay the fees for their chosen course of study. They will be awarded on a competitive basis to the most promising applicants.


  • Must hold a first-class degree or overseas equivalent OR be on course to achieve a first-class degree or overseas equivalent.
  • Must submit a strong supporting statement as part of their application.
  • Must have already made an application to their preferred course and provide a valid application number as part of their application.

Eligible courses

How to apply

Scholarship applications for 2022/23 are now open.

Apply now: SMCSE International Scholarship Form

Deadlines to apply

We will consider applications at three points in the year. If you wish to be considered for a scholarship, please submit your online application by one of these dates:

  • Round One: 1st March 2022
  • Round Two: 1st May 2022
  • Round Three: 1st July 2022 (this is the absolute deadline for scholarship applications for 2022/23 entry).

Once the Scholarship panels have met, successful candidates will be notified by email by the Postgraduate Office (please be advised that this could be up to six weeks after the application deadline).

Contact us by phone on +44 (0)20 7040 0248 or email if you would like to speak to us about the programme you have applied for.

Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions relate to the school’s postgraduate scholarships for UK applicants and are valid for the 2022/23 academic year:

  • The scholarship will take the form of a fee-waiver applied against the last payable instalment in any year.
  • The scholarship is worth £2,000 for full-time students or £1,000 per annum for two years for part-time students.
  • Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the Scholarship Panel.
  • Scholarships are only available to students paying the full fee on one of the participating courses.
  • The scholarship is intended to assist the student to meet the cost of the course fee and will be deducted from the fees charged to the student or the student’s sponsor.
  • The scholarship will not be recorded on the degree certificate from the Institute. However, references for students who have successfully completed the course may refer to the scholarship.
  • The scholarship may not be transferred to a different course in the institution to the one applied for with the exception of another course listed on the scholarship page.
  • Students repeating a postgraduate course at City, University of London will not be eligible for a scholarship. Students granted mitigating circumstances by the Institution will be considered on an individual basis.
  • Applicants will only be considered for one round of applications and cannot re-apply if unsuccessful.
  • This scholarship scheme is open to City, University of London students or graduates eligible for the Graduates Loyalty Bursary but cannot be used in addition to this bursary. Please note that for some students the Graduates Loyalty Bursary, that they are automatically eligible for, will be for an amount in excess of this competitive scholarship scheme.
  • This scholarship scheme is not open to City, University of London students or graduates entitled to a City Star Scholarship.
  • Recipients of SMCSE’s Global Leadership Master’s Scholarship are not eligible for this scholarship.

Disclaimer: City, University of London reserves the right to change these terms and conditions (including the list of eligible courses and application criteria) without notice.

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